Authentic experience about Japanese Wasen boat building
Written by Douglas Brooks (American Boat Builder)



About us:
When Tenryu River boating was registered in the Iida City Folk Cultural Property list in 2016, "TENRYU FUNAKUDARI" (Tenryu River Boat Tours) and "TENRYU LINE YUSEN" (Tenryu Line Boat Rides) decided to work together to preserve the techniques of traditional Japanese boatbuilding and boat handling. The two companies and supporting organizations established Tenryu River Japanese Boat Culture Society to preserve boatbuilding and boat handling techniques and work on other related projects.

Japanese-style wooden boatbuilding has been mostly taken over by modern fiberglass boats across the country, and it is very important to maintain traditional boatbuilding techniques. We have planned projects to preserve wooden boatbuilding techniques, especially boatbuilding using local timber, to hand down these techniques using traditional tools to the future boatbuilders.

As part of the project, we invited Mr. Douglas Brooks, a Japanese-style boatbuilder from the United States, to build a boat together. Through this joint project, we learned the differences and similarities of Japanese and American boatbuilding, and decided to distribute information both locally and globally about cultural exchanges between Japanese and American young people.

※This project is funded by the Nagano Prefecture Region-Initiated Regional Revitalization Subsidy.